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八田 亨(陶芸)

・薪を燃料とした穴窯(※Anagama:wood-fired kiln )で制作。日本国内において洋化したデザインが人気を博す中、武骨に東洋陶磁の古典的アプローチを追求。穴窯だからこそ出せるその渋い焼き味と、焼き味によってごまかさないボディ成型への真摯な取り組みに、日本国内のみならず海外にもファンが多い。

Toru Hatta(Pottery)

Produced by Anagama (wood-fired kiln) fueled by firewood. Although the design has become popular in Japan, he is pursuing the traditional approach of oriental ceramics. There are many fans not only in Japan but also in overseas for his sincere dedications and efforts to mold the stringent grilled taste that can be brought out.