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梅澤 幸子(陶芸)

透光性のある磁土を使用し、植物や幾何学模様を練り上げ(※marbling )技法で美しく織りなす作家。精細な模様と柔らかな色合いと質感で魅せるその表現力は、意匠センスだけでなく難解な素材の特徴をよくとらえていなければ可能にならない。

Sachiko Umezawa (Pottery)

She is the artist who uses translucent magnetic earth, weaves plants and geometric patterns, and weaves them beautifully with marbling techniques.

The expressive power of fine patterns, soft colors and textures can’t be done without grasping not only the design sense but also the characteristics of difficult materials.