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高須 愛子(陶芸)

黒をベースにイッチン(『Slipware 』:粘土を水で溶いたものを、スポイトなどの筒で描く技法)で模様を付けたり、装飾に穴をあけたりする意匠が特徴。料理好きである事から、可愛らしさだけでなく使いやすいデザイン、便利な道具を多数手掛ける。現在、国外にもファンが急増中。

Aiko Takasu (Pottery)

Design based on black called as a “Slipware”a technique or making a hole in the decoration is a major characteristic. Since she likes cooking, she works on not only cuteness but also easy-to-use design and many useful tools. Nowadays there has been an increasing number of fans in the abroad.