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Concept: One further step ahead of “creating fans”


We were born in July, 2013 to aim for the increase of Pottery fans. At the early stages, we were handling with poetry products with main focus on Hagi-yaki. However, in the recent years, we started to deal with glass works, copperplate engravings, felt works, etc.

This is because my interest in the materials itself has been deepened.



Looking back on my career, I have been in touch with various types of Pottery and arts.

I believe that such experiences improved my sense of beauty against the Pottery.

Focusing on this concept, I have decided to offer wider range of products to the customers in order to deliver the essential beauty of materials itself.



Eyes to see the essence of beauty and realization to the authentic value of objects should be spread over Japan. From this perspective, gallery should not be the one only for adults but for children. We can bring “more excitements” to their lives.


I want my shop to be recognized as “trigger” by the people for such realizations.


Although we also sell “Hagi-yaki”, which is a traditionally popular local Japanese Pottery. We are a shop that carries a wide range of products from several different creators.


JIBITA is not only an art gallery but also have other selections as well which makes your heart and life become richer.


◆Handling items

・Hagi yaki (Pottery)

・Pottery works

・Pottery produced by unknown creators

・Glass works

・Wood works

・Copperplate engraving

・Felt works

・Antiques(painting, furniture, ceramics, accessory)

・Local Japanese sake 

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